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PECOTA is up!!! And it has some good news for Hunter Pence and some other Astros

I don't know how far behind I am on noticing that BPro has the 2009 PECOTA's up, but I was psyched to see this triple slash for Pence: .290/.350/.490.  That OBP would be a giant leap forward for Pence and I'm glad that PECOTA sees that happening.  To not infringe on their proprietary stats anymore, I'll say this:

  • I was excited with Bogusevic's projection
  • Excited with Bourn's OBP, but not his SLG, and his career path looks promising enough.
  • Eagerly anticipating Lance's project year.
  • Equally salivating for Lee's impressive looking year.
  • Horrified by Tejada's now age adjusted year...ugggghhhh.  If he breaks into his upper tier percentiles it could be good though.
  • Will be pleased if Kaz delivers as projected.

If you don't have BPro subscription, this is the main reason to consider it—especially if you're a fantasy baseball junkie.  Their player forecast manager is incredible, and I truly believe that PECOTA is the best projection system for hitters out there.