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Take a drink- whatever it is tastes fine to me

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As I gave the Astros' website my daily once-over I saw the countdown to pitchers and catchers reporting ticking by, inching towards one of the best times on the baseball calendar. The cliches, the optimism, the break from harsh winter weather (not that most Astros fans know much about this)- hope springs eternal in places like Florida and Arizona.

For our Astros, their goal in the Sunshine State is the same as that of Ponce De Leon- to find the mythical Fountain of Youth. An aging ball-club with blemishes a-plenty, some luck and overchievement may be the only way for this team to compete. Then again, echoing DQ, few teams have mastered the ability to underachieve and then in remarkable fashion surpass even the loftiest of expectations. Poor farm system, miserly owner, and an aging roster all be damed. Every team starts the Spring 0-0, with 162+ games to determine who will stand above the rest on a cool October evening.

Maybe it's me who's sipping the Astros' Kool-Aid, or maybe I took a drink of something else...


I couldn't find The Fountain of Youth, but maybe Cecil Cooper can..