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Richard Justice: Astros Prepare for Championship

I had to laugh when I saw this headline on Justice's blog: "Astros Prepare for Championship Season."  I immediately assumed that this is another facetious sarcastic blog.  It's not that I, in all my fandomness, can write off the Astros chances; we always want to leave that possibility open.  But after a rather disappointing off-season, I doubt that even the most exuberant Astros' fans are tabbing the Astros as a favorite to win the championship.

I have criticized some readers of his blog when they take Justice's bait and don't recognize sarcasm.  However, after reading his blog, I'm not sure if he is really facetious.  For one thing, what he says doesn't turn out to be funny.

However, some of his observations stretch optimism pretty far:

...I see a darn good rotation...

....when you've got a very good platoon at third and speed at the top in Michael Bourn and Kaz Matsui, you've got yourself a little club that's capable of doing some real special things...

Perhaps more than the pitching or hitting, I'm the thing you can count on in 2009. I've got your back.

Okay, maybe he is just trying to sport some spring training optimism.  Or maybe not.

You tell me, is this blog facetious/sarcastic or not?

UPDATE: In case you clicked on Justice's blog and are wondering...the headline has since changed from the "championship" line above.  The blog also added some entertaining quotes from Casey Stengel.