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Moving Dayyyyyy!


Let's hope they forget the following:

  • Wandy's inability to find success on the road
  • Carlos Lee's Zagat guide to Central Florida Dining
  • Michael Bourn's framed photos of Corey Patterson and Wily Taveras, who judging by his play in 2008 were his lead-off idols
  • Speaking of pictures, better have Hunter Pence keep the ones of his girlfriend back in Houston. Eyes on the prize, Hunter.
  • The Ouija Board that Lance and Roy played with every night last spring that kept them up way past their bedtime. Coop tried to tell them it was time to sleep, but they wouldn't listen
  • Miguel Tejada's new birth certificate that says he is actually a 65 year old retiree from Miami
  • As for Kaz Matsui, let's hope they do not forget his special padded toilet seat cover. We all remember last year...
  • Cecil Cooper needs to leave his "Dusty Baker Guide to Managing" back at Minute Maid