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Astros Community Projection Project: PECOTA Update

I've yet to go through and figure out where the tweaks we've thrown out on individual players are, but I went through and averaged the CHONE and PECOTA projected wOBA's for the hitters.  There were a few players that CHONE and PECOTA drastically disagreed with, but all in all, there are fairly minor changes through out. 

The project now envisions the Astros to be an 82 Win team.  There are still a few tweaks that I need to make over the following week, of course, but I'm pretty excited about where it sees us right now.  It's enough to at least keep the season interesting if we out perform that mark, or if the Cubs, Brewers, and Cardinals struggle.

Here's what the spread sheet looks like now.  Feel free to chime in with disagreements and, more importantly, modifications that need to be made for playing time and positions (in fact, I beseech thee).  I know Newhan needs to go in there (most likely) so throw out some PA guesstimates with those critiques.