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The Crawfish Boxes Fantasy League

It's that time of year when you start shooting emails off to your buddies to talk trash about how you're going to own them in your fantasy league this season.  I know my email is full of at least eighty of these exact emails.  HLP and I have already started bickering over who we should be keeping on our respective rosters in our keeper league, and the drama of what categories should and should not be included in this year's league required outside mediation.  It's this level of intensity, nerdery, and enthusiasm that makes me love fantasy baseball.

Since this is HLP's and mine's first full season to be on board, we're not sure how the organization of a fantasy league for TCBers works, but we wanted to gauge interest in participating in this year's league before we really started worrying about the nitty gritty.

Ideally, it'd would be a 12 team, 5x5, roto-league.  If there's enough enthusiasm, HLP and I will split up and form two separate leagues to make room for everyone.  If we got the two team format though, the we'll need at least 20 teams so that it can be a 10 league team.

While the above description of the league we envision reflects our personal preferences for fantasy baseball, it's your league.  So voice interest in joining, make suggestions on the format, and most importantly: start talking some trash.  It'll be in vain if you do, though, because I'm going to crush this league.