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Astros Have to Get Out of the Gate Fast!!!!

We say this every year.  And in recent years the Astros seemed to save their effort for the closing run, rather than the starting game.

But this season, success in the first half of the season is more important than ever.  The Unofficial Scorer at the Houston Chronicle analyzes the Astros schedule.  This summary shows whether  first half and second half game opponents are winning teams or losiing teams (based on their 2008 record).

Winning Teams                    29
Losing Teams                      60


Winning Teams                   58
Losing Teams                     15

The Astros have a stretch in August and September in which they have  29 straight games against winning opponents.  So, relying on a big closing finish in the last two months of the race is a tough task.

Since we are talking about getting out of the gate fast, it is only appropriate to watch a greyhound race.

Greyhound falls but wins the race (via barbequestopper)