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Fox "what if" power ranking has Astros with 83 wins

If Dying Quail wants some more confirmation for the preliminary Wins Above Replacement (WAR) projection, FoxSports shows a power ranking performed by "What If"  The power ranking "utilizes its simulation engine to present the most comprehensive and unbiased ranking possible of all 30 teams."  The Astros are ranked 14th in the majors with 4.5 RS and 4.4 RA, for a 50.9% win percentage, or about 83 wins.  Dying Quail's preliminary result  for Astros' WAR was in the 84 win range, if I recall correctly.  FoxSports also shows an alternate power rating by Aram Tolegian which has the Astros ranked 16th (no record predicted).  The Yankees, Rays, and Phillies are 1-2-3 in Tolegian's rankings, and the Red Sox, Cubs, and Rays are the top three in the "What if" ranking.