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This is the Astros??

As I'm sure a lot of ya'll know, PECOTA has released it's prediction on the 2009 standings. Things do not look good for the Astros- 66 wins, and the second worst offense in baseball (two runs better than the Padres).

I sit in relative disbelief that this is the team I cheer so hard for. Does anyone else get that feeling? Are our glasses that rose colored? I realize that there isn't much room for improvement for a great deal of our players, but from everything we've written and discussed about this off season, I think this team has more than enough talent to reach those 66 wins. Worse case scenario I must admit a 66 win season may not be out of the realm of possibility. We can all save our season predictions for late in Spring Training, but PECOTA definitely made me sit up in my chair a little more.

Here are a few of the more prominent projection systems' 2008 projected standings (PECOTA is included). The Astros were slated to finish 74-88 under PECOTA.