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Aurelia Signs With Giants; he spurned earlier Astros' offer

SS/3b Rich Aurilia signed a minor league deal with the Giants which will pay him $1 million if he makes the team.  The interesting part of this story is that the Astros had previously made a major league guaranteed contract offer to Aurilia. He turned down the Astros offers because he thought it was too early to take an offer.  The article doesn't give more specifics on when the Astros' offer was made, but I am gutessing it was sometime after Wigginton was let go and prior to signing Boone.

I had been hoping that the Astros would consider signing Aurilia to back up Tejada and provide insurance in case Boone disappears.  Aurilia has been a decent hitting infielder over his career.   I have used him as a stopgap on my fantasy teams from time to time.  He goes through hot streaks, and, as a fantasy player, he can be moved around to multiple positions.  This article indicates that Aurilia doesn't regret his decision to turn down the Astros because he always wanted to return to his long time team, the Giants.


The Baltimore Sun reports this development with respect to the expected signing of Wigginton:

The Orioles are bringing free agent infielder Ty Wigginton back for further examination this week, which probably means that they want to take a second look at something that turned up on his physical Thursday.

Everybody thought his two-year contract would become official on Friday. When it didn't, some antennae went up, but no one is saying there is a serious issue that could lead the Orioles to back out of the deal.