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Astros close to Lindstrom know how it goes

[UPDATEGammons is reporting that Lindstrom is flying to Houston for a physical with team doctors.  Still no word on the players involved in the trade. (h/t) OremLK.

So the news has been spotty all day with this Lindstrom deal.  There's absolutely no word on who the prospects would be.  There's no word on if it would just Lindstrom from the Marlins.  There's just knowledge that the Astros are trying to acquire Matt Lindstrom from the Florida Marlins.

One minute I read this from Ken Rosenthal:

Astros close on Lindstrom. Swapping medicals.

So that makes one think, I guess we'll know exactly what's happening in just a few minutes.  But then McTaggart had this just a few minutes later from Wade:

"We may be back you guys with something by the end of the night. We hope so."

Then Footer got this from Wade a few minutes after that:

"We need someone who's closed games before. I think we'll accomplish that. We'll have somebody back there..."

Lindstrom certainly has the experience, but are we really in a position to trade prospects for Lindstrom? I'm not sure what the Marlins would ask for, but I also don't think we have anyone we can even part with that won't cause us to flinch in agony when we read the name.

Now McTaggart is stating the following (I guess we'll know soon):

Lindstrom tells Astros and Marlins exchanging medical records