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Astros Hot Stove Noise 12/09: Hawkins could be a Brewer? Wade talking trade for Lindstrom? and a hefty surprise, too

The winter meeting this year have been phenomenal to follow via Twitter. Unfortunately, the tweeting yesterday was primarily about a lot of non-news—save the Yankees/Tigers/Dbacks blockbuster.  Today, for Astros fans, things have heated up on the stove.

The first chunk of news this morning is that the Brewers are having "fast-track" talks with LaTroy Hawkins.  Per our discussion about the closer situation yesterday, I'm cool with the Brewcrew over paying for Mr. Hawkins' service. The more I've thought all of our options out, the more I've fallen in love with idea of a Alberto Arias / Mike Gonzalez platoon. Whether any of the news about Hawkins and the Brewers actually means the Brewers will ink Hawkins, or if Hawkins has interest, remains to be seen. I just hope this doesn't mean we're raising our bottom line on Hawkins.

The more surprising bit of news from this morning is that the Astros are apparently in extensive talks with the Marlins for Matt Lindstrom.  Yes, Matt Lindstrom of the 4.47FIP/4.65xFIP/5.04tRA in 2009.  The same Lindstrom of the non-impressive 2009 and not projected to be too much improved in 2010, either (CHONE and Bill James).  Say it ain't so Eddy.  

There's no word on who would be involved in this deal, but I don't think anyone here would be too pleased. We're not a team in a position to trade for big-league talent, we're a team in a position to either purchase it on the market, or unload a veteran contract for youth.  That's it.

Unfortunately, it looks like Eddy is in the works on a trade.  Footer tweeted that Wade's had a lot of discussion about a possible trade.  Judging by the rumor mill, this trade sounds like it's either Lindstrom, or Rafael Soriano. Of course, the later is just something more speculative by JJO, who I don't even believe is at the winter meetings, but those are the only two trades that have any legitimate basis tagged to the Astros. JJO's reasoning on the trade is basically that one team has too many closers, one team has too few, and that Ed Wade likes Soriano's agent.  This doesn't exactly make a ton of sense.  That's not exactly why a trade would get done, seemingly—I hope.

The only way I'd like the Soriano deal, is it involved this ridiculously far fetched rumor about Carlos Lee being a trade candidate for the Braves.  I would take Soriano for Lee straight up.  It would make my entire life 2009-2010 winter.

Since that's not happening, I will continue to cross my fingers all day and wait for the news that the Astros have inked Mike Gonzalez and that LaTroy Hawkins got over paid by the Brewers.

[UPDATE] It's looks like Ed Wade really might being trying to trade for a closer. He indicates in this McTaggart interview that we have pieces that make sense for a trade.  Hopefully Bobby Heck chokes him out before he can pick up his cell phone and tell some other GM "deal."