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Follow Friday: All your Astros/Baseball needs


It's Friday, and there's a little tradition in the twittersphere that on Friday you send out a tweet with all the people that you feel it is essential that other people follow with the hash-tag #ff.  I never do this, but I thought I could extrapolate this idea and bring you an essential follow Friday list that will cover both your in season and offseason needs.

Don't have Twitter? Just give in already and get it.  You don't ever have to use it, but in all honesty, probably 90% of the Astros news that has been "broken" in the last six months has been broken via Twitter.  First read this to get a feel for what exactly is going on, and then go sign up and download yourself a desktop client.  If your on a PC, I recommend Seesmic (but others who are actually PC users can recommend something), and if you're on a Mac, Tweetie is the way to go.  You could also always go with the ever popular TweetDeck, but I'm just not a big enough fan.

Ok, so you've got yourself all settled with Twitter.  You're desktop client will now forever be running in the background like the photo above. So here's what you do: pull up the search feature on your desktop client, and start copy and pasting the names below.  Click follow, and viola, all the baseball news you'll need will be streaming through desktop client (these are pretty much just in order of how they appeared in Tweetie for me):

  • brianmctaggart
  • alysonfooter
  • richardjustice
  • FSHouston
  • mlbtraderumors
  • injuryexpert
  • BtB_Sky
  • jc_bradbury
  • BtBScore
  • harrypav
  • sportsguy33
  • BizballMaury
  • crawfishboxes (duh)
  • thescorer
  • JeromeSolomon
  • BenBalder
  • sabr
  • AstrosCounty
So that's my list.  It's far from complete, but I'm sure others can add handles in the comments (please add), but that's how I keep my pulse on most of my baseball related news these days.  So sign up, get these people added, and join the conversation.