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My first reaction: Feliz isn't a bad choice.

Twitter from McTaggert reports that the Astros have signed Philly 3d baseman Pedro Feliz.  Whether this is a good or bad move might depend on the salary and term of the contract which is currently undisclosed.(Update: $4.5 mil for 1 year...not bad at all) Generally, Feliz isn't my top choice for third base, but I don't think he is a bad choice, given the Astros current in house options.  Feliz has some power but his on base skills are poor.  He would be a fine addition to a team with decent overall OBP, but that's not a description of the Astros.  Feliz's value is enhanced considerably by his defense.  He is one of the best defensive third basemen in the majors.  And he will help Astros' pitchers with good groundball rates.  Feliz is a dead pull hitter to LF, and he might find the Crawford Boxes quite to is liking.  Feliz only hit one HR last year which wasn't to LF.  Over his career, Feliz's left/right splits are approximately the same (OPS).  Last year, Feliz's OBP was somewhat better against RHP.  In 86 PA in MMP over his career, Feliz has a .856 OPS with 5 homers.

Next question: does this hurt Keppinger's chances of staying with the Astros?  I hope he isn't non-tendered, but the possibility might exist.  In my view, Keppinger is necessary as the only true shortstop back up to Manzella, or a replacement for Manzella if he can't cut it.