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Busy final day sees Astros sign Pedro Feliz

Wow, who would have thought Ed Wade could be this busy at the Winter Meetings? One trade, two free agent signings, a host of minor league invites. It's a cornucopia of transactions.

The latest is the first one I can totally get behind. The Astros signed Pedro Feliz to a one-year deal for 4 million. Reasonable price for a good player to fill the hole at third base. Let's all just pretend Ed wasn't serious when he said the Astros could go into the season with Geoff Blum at the hot corner.

What do the Astros get with Feliz? A little power at the corner along with an underrated defensive player. The Phillies had been pushing Feliz as a possible Gold Glover the past few years. Sure, that push didn't gain much traction, but with Feliz and Manzella on the right side of the infield, the Astros defensive range will be greatly improved.

Yes, that defense has deteriorated with his age and yes, he doesn't get on base. But, Feliz is a much better player at this point than Blum and can provide a good stopgap until the club feels Chris Johnson is ready to go.

What else does this team need to do? With Lindstrom making about 2 million (probably closer to 1.5m), Lyon making 5m and Feliz at 4m, the Astros should have about 4 million to kick around now. Wade still needs to find a decent fourth outfielder. Is there anyone out there worth that kind of money? I'm just glad we got at least one glaring hole filled this week.