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Sunday Morning Astros, etc. Round Up

  • I swear, if Richard Justice keeps saying things that I agree with...
  • [Drayton McLane]'s probably making the kinds of decisions he should have made a year or two ago, but he kept convincing himself the Astros were one or two players from contending.
    The rest of the article has Justice seemingly overly optimistic, and slightly off, rationalizations on how the Astros could be sneaky good in 2010.
  • An excellent evaluation of the free agent system, as it stands, from SI. It even features a picture of LaTroy Hawkins.
  • I truly wish a copy of this had landed on Tim Purpura's desk in late November, 2007.  The would be such a better place.
  • RJ Anderson posts a calm, rational defense of Keith Law and the Javier Vasquez/Chris Carpenter fiasco.
  • BtB takes a look at what exactly happened to Tim Lincecum down the stretch.
  • Simmons hands in one of the better pieces I've read about the use of statistics in sports