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Thursday Morning Astros, etc. Round Up: Michael Bourn's big day

That's right ladies and gents, an Astros player took him some awards season hardware.  I have to admit, I was a little suprised when my phone lit up with a text from HLP informing me that Michael Bourn had won himself a gold glove.  Why? I don't know.  It makes sense, but I guess I'm just used to Astros players not mattering in these sorts of things because they play for...well...the Astros.

Today is pretty much all about the big day that Bourn had, so let's break it down:

Excitingly enough, Richard Justice offers us this open invitation in his reaction to Bourn's Gold Glove:

The next time I judge a trade too soon, I want someone to stuff a large sock with Twinkies and smack me in my pretty face.

Ed Wade, as a favor to all of us, please make a trade this offseason.  Please, please, please, please, please.  Other than this tempting invitation that I will hold in my heart, Justice doesn't offer much of anything new.

Beyond the Box Score takes a look at who won the NL Gold Gloves and who should have based on bUZR plus FanScouting reports.  Thankfully, they don't take issue with Bourn's Gold Glove, which would have rankled me.  I think there were at least ten different occasions this season where we discussed how off Bourn's UZR seemed in comparison to what we were seeing.  As clack noted yesterday, Bourn was among the best in RZR, and had an astounding 113 out of zone outs.  It's that final number that I think demonstrates how great defensively Bourn is.  It can't be easy playing CF in a park like MMP and covering for one of the worst LFers in MLB.  Remarkably, Bourn does it, and does it well.

The Unofficial Scorer weighs in on a few subjects (even giving FarmStros some love), but I think he sums Bourn's Gold Glove the best of anything I've read on it yet (no offense, HLP):

Normally, I'm pretty statistically-minded, but I've come to trust [UZR] less and less, for measurements over any unit of time below careers. Bourn was right around zero for much of the season, and I really don't think my eyes were deceiving me on his true worth in the outfield.

Rounding out Michael Bourn's ego inflating day (seriously, what a day) was the announcement that he was voted as the team's MVP by the BWAA.  Sure, I argued for Wandy Rodriguez, but I won't find any fault with this vote.  HLP, I guess you were right.

What's particularly awesome about the awards (Wandy was pitcher of the year, Jeff Fulchino ROY—very deserving), was this:

Veteran right-hander Brian Moehler won the Darryl Kile Good Guy Award, which is given to a player who exhibits good character.

File that under random career accomplishments, but congrats nonetheless to Mr. Moehler.