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SBN Awards: NL Manager of the Year

David took a look at the GM's yesterday, so I guess it's fitting that we move to manager's today (ROY to be released at noon). 

One of the truly beneficial things about SBN (besides the platform and tech support) is that it's a collection of fans writing for other fans.  There's no one who runs a blog that was assigned a team to follow or landed at a blog because they were the one hiring (a la the main stream media).  So when it comes time for something like awards' season, we get to tap into the collective passion (and I like to think wisdom, as well).  For all of the NL awards this year, each blog was given two votes per category and the general baseball blogs were also given two votes for the NL as well.

For the MOY the year, I imagine we'll come to discover that our results will differ from the main-stream-media's take on the NL skippers.  Hopefully, it'll be in a good way.

My take aways:

  • There are no votes for Cecil Cooper—thank God.
  • I believe that HLP and I comprise 2/3 of TLR's 1st place votes.
  • Was I wrong to place TLR ahead of Tracy?
  • Bud Black and John Russel....?

Rk Manager Team 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
1 Jim Tracy Colorado Rockies 24 1 2 125
2 Tony LaRussa St. Louis Cardinals 3 7 10 46
3 Fredi Gonzalez Florida Marlins 2 6 5 33
4 Joe Torre Los Angeles Dodgers - 9 2 29
5 Charlie Manuel Philadelphia Phillies - 3 5 14
6 Bruce Bochy San Francisco Giants 1 1 1 9
7 Bobby Cox Atlanta Braves - 1 4 7
8 Bud Black San Diego Padres - 1 1 4
9 John Russell Pittsburgh Pirates - 1 - 3