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Internet Flotsam & Jetsam

  • Old post (by now) but Tim Dierkes over at MLBTradeRumors ran down the Astros roster. Obviously, Dierkes goes into more detail as to why he thinks this is, but the gist of his argument is the Astros aren’t spending money, but the roster is pretty good. In a post that will be forthcoming later today, I’ll analyze the 2009 roster a bit, but this is a good start.
  • The blog on Baseball-Reference is always interesting, but this post caught my eye. Who had the worst OPS in the league last year? Yuniesky Betancourt, who’s horrible-ness has been well-chronicled by bloggers more noteworthy than me. Still, Kaz Matsui at No. 6? And the Astros are on the hook for $5 million to a second baseman who can’t hit out of a wet paper bag? So far, the only noteworthy thing about Kaz’s time with the club is his various, bizarre reasons to go on the disabled list.
  • Justice weighed in with a tweet here, tongue firmly planted in cheek. Your 2010 starting Astros second baseman everyone! Get excited!
  • Seth Myers also tweeted about former Astro Loretta’s game-winning hit here. On a completely un-Astros related note, I’ve really been digging all of Myers sports humor on SNL since he took over head writing duties. Who doesn’t like a good A-Rod joke?
  • Courtesy of the Unofficial Scorer, a quick photo gallery of ex-Astros in the 2009 playoffs. Good thing the Astros kept Hidalgo and let Abreu go back in the 1997 expansion draft, huh?
  • Finally, a note from the Chronicle on the Astros managerial search here. The list is taking shape. I like the idea of making the process transparent to the media and the public, but I wonder if this may affect how truthful the candidates are with the Astros brass. Can you really tell Drayton that his team has some serious, fatal flaws and turn around for a press conference? Might lead to some awkward moments, no?