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Random Friday Discussion Question

It's Friday, the Astros have a new manager. The Yankees and Phillies are facing off in an East Coast World Series. What's going on in Astroville? Well, not a lot. We probably won't announce any new coaches until after the series is done, so let's create our own little discussion. I thought we could trot out a new baseball question each Friday and just have some fun with it.

First up, the box score. It was created by sportswriters back at the early part of the century, but hasn't really changed since. I love looking at them, I love creating them for the newspaper and I love how much information they pack into such a small space. The shame of it is, couldn't there be more useful stuff in there?

The one change I'll throw out there is this: instead of showing the number of ground ball outs and fly ball outs for each pitcher, why not list number of ground balls, number of line drives and number of fly balls. Not just outs, but all hits. How useful would that be?

What would you like to see in a 'new' box score? What would you get rid of? Is there any good way to get fielding data in there? Talk amongst yourselves...