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Farmstros '09 in Review Part 9- What I Like about Farmstros

It is enjoyable to have this forum to follow the Astros of the Future and invite others to do so with me. Personally, my two favorite events of the 2009 season were:

1) Having Wilton Lopez on my radar long before anyone. I noticed Wilton Lopez (on the 40-man roster) was having a very good August in Corpus Christi, which caused me to wonder on this blog if he may be another September call-up. Within a week or two of my wondering, Lopez was called up to replace an injured pitcher. Much of my Farmstros information is gathered from other sources and passed on to you as quickly as possible, so it was exciting to be the one with this scoop.

2) The 57-day Twitter Ku streak. I love writing poetry of all forms so the challenge of writing a haiku about the Farmstros every day for almost two months was fun. So much fun that I am planning to take it even further in 2010. Plans are under way for THE QUEST FOR 3000 SYLLABLES during which I will tweet 177 haiku over the course of a 22-week season. The first Twitter Ku is scheduled for Opening Day (April 8).