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Tell us your opinions of Minute Maid Park and get your responses published

As I was about to turn off my laptop yesterday, I received an interesting email from a gentleman by the name of Paul Swaney. Mr. Swaney and a partner of his have created a cool website called Stadium Journey where they give the reader a tour of the various stadiums which house professional (NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL) teams. Each stadium is given a rating based on things like atmosphere, access, neighborhood surrounding the stadium, etc. Basically it's a place where a person unfamiliar with a particular locale can do some legwork before attending a ballgame.

That's where we come in. Paul initially asked me if I wanted to contribute my .02 cents to the project. I counter-proposed that I could make a post on our blog and let everyone put down their opinions on MMP. They have a good start, but our input could definitely put their Astros page over the top. Basically he's asked us to add tidbits that will optimize the total game viewing experience of anyone who goes to Minute Maid Park.

So, please, take a look at what they have already, and if there's anything that you would like to add, comment on it (add your name and I'm sure Paul will cite you), and be a part of this up and coming website. Anything from underrated seats to watch a game, lesser known restaurants/bars within walking distance of the park, best places to park (cheap garages), access to restrooms, tasty ballpark treats, etc. Whatever it is that you like (or hell, don't like) about the park, let Paul know. I'll send him a link from this post at the end of the day so that he can use the info that we give him. Have at it, folks.