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Meet your new manager: The Astros hire Brad Mills

via <a href=""></a>  He's got character, too.
via He's got character, too.

***Although, I consider Twitter legitimate, here's proof positive, via the Chronicle.***

Via my latest Tweetie refresh, Alyson Footer reports that Brad Mills is our new manager.  Just forty-eight hours removed from screwing the proverbial pooch on landing Manny Acta, today we can spell redemption: M-I-L-L-S.

There was an intended level of sarcasm in that last line, but my continued ire at Drayton McLane aside, I'm truly thankful for Mills' name to have been announced.  Like davoag and many of you pointed out yesterday, Mills is joining us straight from one of the smartest franchises in MLB, currently.  There's a lot to be said from whatever trickle down of wisdom he's gained from seeing the Red Sox put together and operate their franchise.

From what we self-selected as our top priorities for the next manager, I think that Mills fits the mold very, very well:

  1. Intelligence and knowledge of the game
  2. Ability to understand tactical and strategic basis for winning (sabermetrics preferred possibly).
  3. Ability to utilize resources for maximum production.

A look over Mills' bio indicates that he likely possess these top qualities.  Seriously, I like the credentials.  In fact, I like them so much I'm forcing you to read them if you were too lazy to click the link:

Mills managed 11 seasons in the Minor Leagues with the Chicago Cubs (1987-92), Colorado Rockies (1993-96) and Los Angeles Dodgers (2002), moving into managing immediately upon the completion of his playing career. He's coached 11 years at the Major League level, including the last six as Boston's bench coach.

In terms of having to settle for option number two, I don't think we made out bad, as fans, on this transaction. Obviously, Mills has worked with young talent, and he has seen how a smart team operates for the last six seasons; he has literally been in Boston for the entire re-birth of that franchise.  This feels like a good fit.  Or maybe I'm trying too hard to find joy in what will likely be the largest announcement the Astros make this offseason (you decide).  ("The Astros announced today that they're signing Brandon Backe back to a minor league deal" just doesn't have the same pizazz as hiring a new manager does).

Hopefully the news of Mills' hiring can help wash the taste of bitter acrimony from those who of us have chosen to continue to stoke the embers of deep-seated disdain for how the Acta-offer was handled...OK maybe that was just me. At the very least, I can for sure say this about the news of Mills being hired: To paraphrase a semi-notable statesman: Ladies and gentlemen, our long Astros-nation nightmare is over.*

To end this: Mr. Mills, I, and likely everyone here, wishes you the absolute best of luck.  You're job won't be easy, but we're all rooting for you.

*By nightmare, of course, I mean this entirely too tragically comical hiring process that was intended to make us feel better about or organization's competence, but in the end just left many of us scratching our heads or shaking our fists.

****Dave Clark will remain as the 3rd base coach.****