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And then there were two: Acta hired by the tribe

It's official.  Garner and Mills are now the two remaining candidates of the Astros managerial search, and possibly just Mills if you believe the Boston Globe report below.  Manny Acta will be managing in Clevland until at least 2012.

With this, I find myself pretty much ambivalent about what the Astros' brass does for the remainder of this search.  It looks like in the end, the Astros still aren't ready to go ahead and try to do something outside convention.  The two candidates left are the two more experienced of the bunch.

If it's Garner they go with: fine.  Mills: fine.  I'd prefer Mills because I really don't like the signaling that goes along with Garner, but screw it—none of this is up to us to me.  In my heart of hearts, it felt like Acta was the one for the job: young, seemingly innovative, and a great report with the franchise, but who knows what the actual interview process was like.

If these scattered thoughts are any indication of my state, you know it's frazzled by this development.

This, this just kills me:

According to a person with knowledge of the negotiations, the length of the Astros’ offer to Acta became a major hang up on Saturday night.

We couldn't go three years on Acta? We went two on Coop with no real reason and then gave him an extension in April.  This is absolutely ridiculous.