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The Final Four: Vote for your top Astros managerial candidate

Listen, it's Friday. You're tired, I'm tired. I've got a short amount of time to dedicate to the post while anxiously awaiting a preview copy of the Bill James Projections (projection season is underway and this one hasn't even started yet!!). So let's cut to the chase.

There are four managerial candidates left. If you read this site at all, you're probably familiar enough with all of them to make an informed decision. So let's have you do that right now. If HLP and I's conversations with Fred and Matt of ESPN Radio held any truth, this is a really, really smart, and informed, community of a Astros fans. So let's get our voice out there. Maybe we can sway the front office to see the wisdom in our selection.

Or maybe we can just kill a Friday afternoon debating. Either way, it's time to put the final four candidates to a vote.