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Farmstros '09 in Review Part 8- All Called Up with Nowhere to Go

In retrospect, I should have told Ed Wade thanks but no thanks. 

Back in late-August, Farmstros received an invite from Mr. Wade for a September call-up. Apparently, there was going to be room on the big league blogging roster. One of the reserve bloggers had severe carpal tunnel syndrome and was being put on the 60-day disabled list. According to Wade, this move was going to open up a spot on the big league roster. Wade told me that his philosophy about September call-ups is to only promote bloggers who are going to have a role on the team during the final month of the season. I wouldn't be just sitting on the bench, he assured me.

This was needless to say a very tempting offer. A pay increase. Traveling with the big league club. Given the upside, I was more than willing to walk around in Spandex as part of the annual rookie hazing. After taking a few minutes to discuss it with my family and taking care of some child care issues, I called Mr. Wade back and asked him to save a computer for me. 

Now, three weeks later, my September call-up is almost over. Unfortunately, contrary to what I had been told, my time with the Astros HAS consisted of "just sitting on the bench". 

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Apparently, Brian McTaggart is a warrior and Alyson Footer has some personal Twitter-related goals that she is working on, which means that there has not been space for a Farmstros contribution anywhere in the mix. It has been interesting and educational to watch those two veterans go about their jobs everyday, but it has been a bit frustrating to not be able to give management and the fans any idea of what I can contribute on the big league level in 2010 and beyond.

Fortunately, I have gotten to spend quite a bit of time with Tommy Manzella and Chris Johnson who are in the same situation as myself.