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Sunday Afternoon Astros, etc. Round Up: Refreshingly not all about managerial candidates

Playoff baseball has not disappointed in the last forty-eight hours, and that is a good thing.  It's been a pleasant distraction from focusing on the managerial search in minute detail.  I feel as though the interview process for us as fans, is pretty useless.  As Footer stated in a link I have below, "it is impossible for me to size up the candidates during a 10-minute media briefing and tell who was the most impressive during his 2 1/2 hour interview session with the club's decision-makers."  For that reason alone, I've tried my best to remain aloof from it, but I haven't forsaken the process completely.  Hopefully by mid-week I'll have my next contribution to better informing us about the candidates.

But on with the reason your reading this: links to stuff you can read while you watch a little pig skin (or obsessively watch your fantasy football tracker...).