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Totally non-Astros related Friday afternoon discussion: Dream World Series match up

The point of this is simple.  It's the playoffs, and we've hardly breathed a word about the playoffs (yes I know this post is going on top of HLP's post about A-Rod...loosely).  HLP and I, on our own, have a had a few, who do want to see in the (insert series here) conversations, and to be honest: I like these kinds of conversations.

Going into the post-season, my ideal WS match up would have either have been BOS-LAD or NYY-LAD.  I probably would have gushed with joy at the BOS-LAD because the story lines arewere too good.  Manny vs. the Red Sox a year later. Reviled Boston nemesis, Joe Torre at the helm, conspiring with a former Boston demi-god.  Can you even imagine the awkwardness between Manny and Papi? It would have been great.  Now, I'm willing to settle for a Joe Torre versus the team that send him packing, in a manner of speaking, with still reviled by Yankees fans, Manny Ramirez.  

Other than those matchups, though, there's not really a lot that excites me about any of the other prospective match-ups. Yes the gut-wrenching sensation of watching Brad Lidge pitch in the ninth inning is exciting, but the Phillies aren't a team that I really want to watch.  That's just me, though.  The Angels of Anaheim, but pretending to be from Los Angles too, would be an amazing story because of the losses they've had to deal with this season, but Brian Fuentes fantasy luck has soured me against them.

So I've rambled enough.  I'll leave with you this to talk amongst ourselves with: What was your dream World Series match up coming into the post-season and what is it now?  The why of your choices could be fun, but aren't necessary.