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Decision 2010: Democratizing the Astros managerial search (The Primary)

With ten candidates being interviewed in the ensuing weeks, there has been various writers have been campaigning for some of the potential candidates.  A short list: JusticeMcTaggartJJO, and that's about it for my combing through my history and other sites.  You get the point, though.  Writers touting a certain manager for certain qualities.

My thought is why do it that way? Instead of identifying what positive qualities a candidate possesses and then making a case for why that combination of qualities is in fact that best, why not just figure out which qualities are the most important?  Once we know what are the qualities that are most prized, coudn't we then just determine who best fits the mold?

With that idea in mind, I've gone ahead and set up a Google survey so that we can determine just that.  Here's how it will work: I'll throw out ten qualities and you get to rank five of them.  However, to make this even more democratic, I'm asking everyone who wants to leave potential qualities in the comments, and then I'll select the ten I think are the most prevalent and on Monday we'll put it to a vote using the survey (and hopefully be the week's end I'll have crunched the numbers and come up with a result for everyone).

To get us started I'll throw out a few:

  • Managerial experience
  • Length of career in baseball
  • Educational background
  • Sabermetric affinity
  • Communication ability
  • Relationship with the media
  • Current/previous ties to the Astros organization
Clearly, we need more than what I can come up with, so speak up.