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An update on the 2009 Astros Prediction Project

**UPDATE** The outs and IP are all accounted for and the PA have been adjusted, per this thread at BtB.

I went through the spreadsheet again today and updated the offense to reflect the wOBA as predicted by the CHONE system.  I also added Clay Hensley into the starting rotation and have him down for 85 IP as a starter.  As it stands, the number crunch spat out an 83.2 win team, which seems very, very optimistic.  

However, I have yet to fill out the pinch hitting columns, which I need to do because we're about 300 outs shy of a full season's worth of offense and about 100 IP short on relievers.  I imagine the negative contribution of pinch hitters will bring us back down to earth a titch.  Really, I need help in the form of suggestions, predictions, revisions, additions, etc.

To make the whole process easier for everyone to interact with, I've published the spreadsheet using Edit Grid.  Below is a read only version, but if you click the title of the sheet, you'll be given access to an editable copy.  It's password protected with the password: CFB

Please feel free to make changes, but please make a note of the revision so we can keep track of the changes.  I'll retain a copy of the unedited spreadsheet as a reference. 


Here's a pretty sweet chart that crunches the data for you relatively succinctly: