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First Annual TCB "Predict the 2009 Standings" Conest

The Hot Stove Season is winding down, and Spring Training begins in a little over a month. The complexions of many teams have changed pretty dramatically, and as a result, many teams should finish in different positions in the standings than in 2008.

About this time last year, DyingQuail and I had discussions about which teams we thought would make some unexpected noise in the 2008 season. Both of us thought that the Rays would be on the rise, and had a good chance to compete for the AL East crown. We were proved right. I had the gaul to turn my back on the Tigers and Indians, when I told him the White Sox would win the AL Central. Seattle, New York (both teams), and the aforementioned Tigers did not impress me, despite the positive press, and I was proved right.

By the same token, I thought the Blue Jays were a big time sleeper, and that Braves would be a team to be dealt with in the NL East

It was all well and good for the two of us to go out and give our opinions, but it's even better to keep track of what is said. With that in mind, I'm proposing that everyone who comes to TCB should start thinking about the regular season. Who will succeed? Who will flame-out in spite of high hopes? DQ, Clack and I will do our best to update everyone on more off-season moves of other teams, and to let everyone know what we think will happen in 2009. It's going to take some time to write in-depth season previews for the other 29 teams, but I think it'd be worth it both from the standpoint of looking back on the off-season, but also to compete against your fellow Astro-fan

So, look for team previews in the coming weeks- off season moves, trades, signings and a team overview/projected lineup for 2009. At the end, everyone can comment/send in emails with how you think the season will unfold. Maybe league MVPs, Cy Youngs, and the like can be included as well, if everyone is so inclined. Just a heads up, folks.