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Any requests?

As the off-season continues to dwindle down, a wicked head-cold, scrambling to get my ducks in a row to return to school, and off-season fatigue have me feeling like a worn out record in terms of topics to write about.  In the vein, is there any kind of story, statistical analysis, season/player preview, etc., that you'd like to see from us?

While we're at the requests, something that'd I'd like to hear from everyone is what kind of regular feature would you like to see during the season?  By regular, I mean like a weekly, to bi-monthly series.  Ideas that I've been tossing around, are using the Fan Graphs Swing% statistics for batters (maybe some LD and BABIP% too), and maybe BABIP, HR/FB, and some other rate stats for pitchers, just to try and sort through the noise in the early part of the season.  Those are kind of bland ideas, so suggestions and criticisms are welcome.