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Astros Community Projection Project: The Outfielders

Just like the last time for the Infielders.  Remember, the more you contribute, the better our projections are...remember we're experts on the Astros...the computers making this projections aren't—too much, at least.  What we're looking for is what don't you agree with? Why? and what's your best guess?

  • Michael Bourn: .251/.320/.350
  • Darin Erstad: .246/.304/.340
  • Carlos Lee: .293/.354/.522
  • Hunter Pence: .282/.337/.478
  • Brian Bogusevic: .271/.331/.400
  • Jason Michaels: .252/.326/.383
  • Reggie Abercrombie: .238/.278/.411

Sorry for the brevity of this post, but I'm currently battling the this is about all I've got.