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Joe Torre's book chronicles more Yankee drama

The book notes how teammates referred to A-Rod as "A-Fraud", and how he was obsessed with Derek Jeter.

What got me was how Yankee doctors notified George Steinbrenner about Torre's prostate cancer before Torre himself found out.

The most recognizable franchise in all of American professional sports is never without some controversy. Football's version of the Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys may outpace even the Yankees in consistently being in the news for negative reasons. Tony Romo takes a trip the week before a big playoff game, and is called out by former Cowboy Troy Aikman in the media. Adam Jones, Tank Williams and other distractions seemed to bury the club this season. Jerry Jones is clearly the ring-leader- and in his circus, it's not enough to just win, his 'boys have to do so in headline-stealing fashion. Oh, yea- then there's that Terrell Owens fella...

All of which begs the question: