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2009 Astros Hot Stove: Who's left

Thanks to AstroAndy's deligent payroll crunch post from yesterday, we know that the Astros have more money left to play around with than they've claimed to have (or at least we think so).  MLBTradeRumor's list of available free agents by position is still very, very long, so I have a hunch that we might be signing one or two more guys that are still on the table.

I'm just going to run through the list and target some needs we still have to be filled with some players who I think might be worth it.  My hope is that we can kick around a few names that might actually don an Astros uniform during Spring Training at least.

Short Stop:

  • Craig Counsell
  • Alex Cintron

Center Field:

No one of value...unless you want to take a flyer on Andruw Jones...

Starting Pitcher:

  • Charlie Haeger (he's a knuckleballer and could be very interesting)

Ok.  It's a very uninspiring list, and there are far more tantalizing names out there (Mr. Benjamin Sheets being one of them).