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Astros Community Projection Project: The Infielders

As apart of the continued effort over at Beyond the Box Score, I'm still hoping to get some more reader tailored views on how our players will perform and then incorporate them into the spreadsheet.  To help stimulate that effort, we'll go area, by area through the line-up and hopefully get enough discussion to tweak the baseline CHONE figures I currently have plugged into the spreadsheet

Here's a link and a list (for the lazy among us) of the infielders I currently have plugged in and the stats their wOBA's are based on.

  1. Lance Berkman: .289/.403/.528
  2. Kaz Matsui: .266/.325/.382
  3. Drew Sutton: .256/.333/.395
  4. Miguel Tejada: .285/.337/.441
  5. Edwin Maysonet: .235/.291/.330
  6. Geoff Blum: .240/.301/.377
  7. Aaron Boone: .243/.309/.383
  8. Chris Johnson: .253/.290/.377

Off the bat, I'm willing to give Boone a boost in all three departments because of his supposed health coming into 2009.  I'll throw out something along the lines of .265/.325/.400.  I'll save the rest of my corrections until the fray has started, but that's essentially what we're looking for.  If you want to get bold, throw about positional playing time.  Also, feel free to throw out players you think will see action that I don't have listed.

Currently, my plan is to weight the community arrived projection, with the CHONE Projection, then ZIPS, then PECOTA (when it's released).  Hopefully we'll be pretty spot on.