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If LeBron James can...Could a current Astro make it in the NFL?


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After seeing the above photo of LeBron James decked out in a Cleveland Browns uniform, I got to thinking...could one of our Astros make an NFL roster, or at least a practice squad? Here's a link to the Astros' current 40 man roster. Could any of these guys muster up the athleticism to catch on with an NFL team, or at least be considered? Or are NFL'ers combination of quickness, size, stamina, and toughness too great for a major league baseball player to combat? Do the skills of a baseball player- hand/eye coordination, quick reflexes, keen depth perception and preciseness both in the field and at the plate, translate at all to the gridiron? Could Wesley Wright or Michael Bourn mimic San Diego running back Darren Sproles? Brian Bogusevic has some size, and is a pretty good defensive about sending him out to play some free safety, see how much ground he can cover? Ultimately though, the answer may be too easy as to which Astro would make the best football player...


Punters aren't known for their ability to get on base..this man is no exception.