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2008 MLB Post Season Bracket - Predictions Anyone?



Here's the bracket as listed on  The playoff picture is set except for the Twins/White Sox section of the bracket which could be settled as early as tomorrow as the White Sox and Tigers play a make up game.  If the White Sox win, then they and the Twins will have a 1 game play off to see who takes the AL Central crown.  If the White Sox lose against the Tigers, then the Twins will take the AL Central.

I'm hoping the Twins win.  I still have a sour taste in my mouth about the 2005 World Series, so lets just say I won't be rooting for the White Sox anytime soon.  

I'm not a fan of the AL and really don't follow it too much... but I like the Rays(mainly because they are in their 1st winning season in their 10 year history) so I will definitely be rooting for them.  

On the NL side...  I guess I'm rooting for the Brewers.  I don't think the Brewers are the best team and I think they will be eliminated in the 1st round(Sheets and his "broken arm" is just too much of a blow to overcome... even with Sabathia).

And on to my meaningless predictions.

NL Side
1st Round, the Phillies and Cubs will win with the Phillies beating the Cubs and going to the World Series.  I think the Cubs are the better team, but I just don't think they go to the World Series this year.  

AL Side
Red Sox and Rays advance to the 2nd round with the Red Sox advancing.  Just a gut feeling... I don't think this year is as magical for the Rays as it has been so far and I think the Red Sox will overtake them... I hope I am wrong.  

World Series
Phillies vs Red Sox... I hate to say it, but I think the Red Sox will win yet again...  and I think they will do it in about 5 games.