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Houston Astros Eliminated From the NL Wild Card

Before tonights games, the Houston Astros elimination number was 1, which meant that any loss by the Astros or win by the Brewers or Mets and the Astros were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention... well... The Astros did their part and beat the Braves 5-4 on a walk off home run by Darin Erstad... but unfortunately the odds were too hard to overcome and the Brewers beat the Cubs 5-1, taking over the Wild Card lead and eliminating the Astros from the Wild Card race.

Tonight is a sad night... but a night that most of us knew was coming... the Astros had next to no chance at making the playoffs a couple months ago, but played very good baseball and found themselves within 1 game of the wild card lead... but ultimately, the Astros failed to win enough games and are now eliminated.

The night isn't all sad though... I mean, if any of you Astros fans were told 2 months ago that the last Friday of the season, the Astros would still be in the Wild Card chase... wouldn't you have jumped on that with both feet? I would have. The last couple of months were really enjoyable to watch as a fan. The Astros did some amazing things on the field and made life as an Astros fan pleasurable... for that... I thank the Astros.

National League Wild Card Standings

Milwaukee 89 71 .556 0 Won 5
New York 88 72 .550 1 Lost 1
Houston 85 74 .534 3.5 Won 3

(updated 9.26.2008 at 10:27 PM CDT)