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Astros Win on Estad's Walk Off, Brewer's Win on Ward's K - Good Bye October

So I just watched the malfunctioning MLB Game Day tell me that Daryl Ward struck out against Seth McLung to seal the Astros fate in the NL Wild Card: elimination. The prior five or ten minutes were spent reveling in the glory of Darin Erstad's walk-off HR.  Even though I knew that Milwaukee had the lead, in those last five or ten minutes, it still felt like we were going to do it and it felt good.  Although we fell short of our intended destination, I can't say that we failed.  

The last six weeks of baseball have been genuinely  enjoyable and throughly captivating.  It's been a good season, hollistically, and it's left me with a lot of hope for what 2009 can bring our way.  I want to thank you for accepting me here at the CFB and I hope to continue to contribute to the awesome community that it has fostered.  It's going to be an exciting off-season and it should provide the same level of excitement and drama that the last month of baseball have. Does anyone doubt that with a little tinkering here, and a little improvement there, that this team isn't capable of contending in 2009? I, for one, do not.

Well, it didn't end like we all wanted it to. The Astros just couldn't escape their numerous stretches of bad play. It seems like HighLeveragePerformer and I came on to the blog here just as things were at their worst. In a way, the both of us took advantage of the momentum of the team, and slowly became more acclimated. Great baseball makes it easier to write. It was exciting, to say the least. This may be my last post while the team was in contention, but ya'll will be hearing a great deal from me this off season.