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Houston Astros Chris Sampson Needs Surgery

Well... probably needs surgery would have been a more accurate title...  but yes it's true.  The tendinitis in Sampson's right arm that he has been dealing with(and dealing with quite well I might add) all season is actually a slight tear in his right elbow that doctors are recommending surgery to fix.

Sampson has a slight tear in the tendon in his right elbow, an injury that he can handle in one of two ways -- rest and rehab with the intention of staving off surgery, or undergo a procedure that would repair the tear and require four to six months of rehab before returning to the mound.

"There's a little damage in there," Sampson said. "We'll wait until after the season to explore options to see what we're going to do."

Sampson, who had three cortisone shots this season, most recently in late August or early September, said he's been pitching with the injury all year. He deemed himself available to finish out the season even with the elbow tear.

Mehlhoff recommended surgery, but Sampson hasn't made his final decision.

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I think he should go ahead and have the surgery. If he does the surgery today and takes 6 months to rehab like it projects in the article, then he will be available to start playing again at the end of March and could possibly start the season with the Astros.  That being said... he has been able to pitch the entire season with the injury and maybe just rest will fix the issue...  then again, maybe resting a few months doesn't fix the issue and ultimately he has to have the surgery anyways and misses most if not all of next season because of it.  Guess that's the chance you take.

I actually think that Sampson being injured may help his career.  We've seen him mature this season into a respectable reliever.  He kind of learned how to pitch... learned how to use his control to get guys out.  Maybe once he's healthy, he'll use what he learned this season and become an even better pitcher.  Only time will tell I guess. 

Astros right-hander Chris Sampson confirmed on Thursday that he will undergo surgery to repair a tear in a tendon in his right elbow.

"I'll go ahead and repair it and be done with it," the right-hander said.

If the Astros don't reach the playoffs, Sampson will undergo the surgery on Oct. 1. If the Astros do make the postseason, Sampson will be available to pitch and will have the surgery when the season is complete.

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