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Houston Astros : Is Brandon Backe on the Team Next Season?

Here is what Steve Campbell from has to say about it.
Has Backe run his course with the Astros?

If Astros general manager Ed Wade looks at it in a cold, clinical way, the numbers will make the decision for him.

The numbers scream loud, from just about every imaginable angle, that the Astros almost can't help but do better sending somebody else to the mound every fifth day.

Still, the performance this season doesn't cut it in any spot of the rotation. Backe is 31 and has a career earned-run average of 4.97. His 126-to-76 strikeouts-to-walks ratio doesn't bode well for an appreciable improvement next season.

Point: Pitchers tend to fare better in their second year after Tommy John surgery. Backe could be stronger and more consistent next season.

What do you think? Backe is still cheap($800,000), is very good with the bat(for a pitcher...) and has good success in the playoffs(2.95 ERA over 6 starts)... but then again... You could probably bring up a prospect from the minors and get something close to the 4.97 ERA that Backe has put up over his career.

But I think the point that Mr. Campbell makes is one of the key weights on the keep him side of the scale... Backe just came off of having Tommy John Surgery. Backe was a pretty decent pitcher in the 2 years before having the surgery(albeit, limited due to injuries) and I think that he should be in spring training next season for the "good guys". That being said, I wouldn't write his name down as a rotation guy in pen by any means. But I think he's worth the $800,000 contract to at least keep him on the team to see what he can do next season.