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Carlos Zambrano : Destroyed After No-No

Zambrano (14-6), who threw the first Cubs no-hitter in 36 years in his last start Sunday against the Houston Astros, had his shortest outing since Sept. 4, 2006, when he lasted 1 1/3 innings against Pittsburgh. Vander Meer is the only Major League pitcher to throw consecutive no-no's, doing so in 1938, and Skip Schumaker ended any consideration of a repeat performance by Zambrano when he doubled on the second pitch of the game.


I don't know what to think...  Zambrano hasn't been a good pitcher for the Cubs(overall) since sometime in July.  Since his 1.78 ERA in July he has turned around and put up a 7.43 ERA in August and then a 6.32 ERA in September.  So my question is... HOW DID HE NO HIT THE ASTROS????  His latest start has to be his worst start of the season.  Against the Cardinals today he lasted just 1 2/3 innings while giving up 6 hits and 8 earned runs!!!  Before Zambrano's no-no against the Astros, he went 5 innings and gave up 3 runs and eventually left the game with what was eventually diagnosed as shoulder tendinitis.  Then he turns around, no hits the Astros and then follows that up with one of his worst starts of his career. 

Baseball is a weird game...