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Astros Take Jab at Selig with T-Shirts and the Crawfish Boxes Capitalize

When I first read this story, I was irrate.  I get that the Astros have been crapped on by Bud Selig and it has probably thrown them out of whack.  I think we all get it.  My furor didn't stem from the Astros preceived since of injustice, but the way in which they've dealt with it.  Making a t-shirt is juvenile, counter productive to the task at hand, and accomplishes little more than making you look like a cry baby.  So it was appropriate that the club house was decked out in "Bud Killed Us" t-shirts.  Why? Because the club house was full of baseball players who were giving up on themselves and their fans because they can't overcome the hand that they were dealt.  It's shameful and disgraceful and it has almost made me side with some of those Cubs yahoos from the other day.

Grow up.  

Some times professors arbitrarily change deadlines or throw crap in on the test that you have no idea where it came from, but the guy has tenure and he's not going anywhere.  Collectively bitching about it and crying on each others shoulders gets you no where, except an embarrassing five game losing steak that has the potential to hold you out of the play offs -- something which seemed so tangible a week ago.  The college analogy aside, I'm sure everyone can internalize that analogy to fit their own lives.  When stuff like that happens, every day Joe's don't get to show up to work after screwing up for five days straight with a t-shirt that says, "[Insert Authority Figure Here] killed my career."  Instead, we all roll with the punches and make do the best we can.  Being out scored 38-5 is not doing just that.

To be honest, I'm embarrassed that'd they quit on themselves that way and are now just searching for a scape goat for their own shortcomings.  Bud Selig screwed them on two games, not five.  I was willing to chalk those two and possibly the first in Miami to Bud, but not those last two -- they were inexcusable.

With that aside, we as Astros fans have every right to blame Bud Selig for precipitating the collapse of the Astros season.  Making a T-shirt is mature, highly productive, and makes us look like (wo)men of action.  As such, we need a T-shirt to don proudly and let the rest of the world that we're mad as hell and we aren't going to take it any more.  With that, I present you the Crawfish Boxes approved, "Bud Killed Our Season" T-Shirt.



Go pick one up ASAP.  There are two options for the shirt, the American Apparel with the graphic pictured and then your standard shirt with just the text.  However bold you wish to be.  Also, there's a female version for the ladies in the audience.