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Cecil Cooper Lets Bud Selig Have It

A few quick quotes from the Chronicle and then a quick rant before I get back to work:

“He and I are good friends,” Cooper said. “We talked about it. He vented. I vented. We’re done with it. He did what he thought was the best thing to do. I disagreed. That’s where it lies.”
“Was it perfect? No,” Selig told the Chronicle. “I went through every option. I finally looked at it and realized I didn’t have another option. I’m always sensitive about the Brewers, but I feel in my heart this was the best option.”


First of all, kudos for Cooper for giving Selig an earful.  I've hardly been a fan of his this season, but I'm really impressed with those kind of cajoles.  Hopefully this serves as a spark to get the Astros butts in gear down in Miami and get us back on the right track.  Lord knows the team needs something after looking lifeless for the past two games -- not that it's not understandable.

Selig's comments, were of course, asinine.  Every option?  There were no other possibilities out there but sending the Astros to Wrigely North?  You couldn't find an option that wasn't at the other end of the country?  You couldn't find an option that wouldn't force the Astros to fly from one end of the country and then fly to the other end of the country for their next series?  I appreciate that he claims to be sensitive about the Brewers and his ties to the team, but COME ON.  This was literally the worst of all the options on the table.  Arlington was viable, Atlanta was, Tampa Bay was too.  Let's not even mention Dell Diamond, which could have worked too.  If the Braves get to play at Disney World for a series every year, what's two games going to hurt in extreme circumstances? Any of these would have put less pressure on the Astros from a travel prospective; would have forced the Cubs to actually travel to their "Away" game; and would have made the Astros next round of traveling much easier.  All the afformentioned sites would have been less hostile than say...Wrigley North.

The move was a joke.  It severely handicapped the Astros ability to compete in those games, while advantaging both the Cubs (media cash cows) and the Brewers (Bud's beloved) in securing a post-season berth.  That Selig is allowed to bandy about phrases like "best interest" is despicable.

So, thanks Coop.  Thanks for calling Selig on his BS.