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Houston Astros - Take 2nd Place in the NL Wild Card

I stated yesterday that with some luck, the Astros could actually find themselves sitting in 2nd place in the NL Wild Card... well, the Astros got that luck and beat the Pirates for their 5th straight win in a row, and both the Cardinals and Phillies lost allowing the Astros to gain a game on both of them in the Wild Card race. The Astros now sit tied for 2nd in the NL Wild Card with the Phillies and 1/2 game ahead of the Cardinals. Amazing really. Even more amazing with all of the injuries the Astros have had lately.

National League Wild Card Standings

Milwaukee 83 63 .568 0 Won 1
Houston 79 67 .541 4 Won 5
Philadelphia 79 67 .541 4 Lost 2
St. Louis 78 67 .537 4.5 Lost 0

(updated 9.11.2008 at 6:27 AM CDT)