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Astros Clip the Red Birds' Wings, With a Broom


The first four series against the Cardinals saw the Astros take the first game of the series with late inning heroics (at least two I recall off hand, at least).  Lance Berkman's first career walk-off HR seemed to be setting us up for the same fate.  Today's victory marked the series sweep, but it didn't come without its price.

Wandy went down with a strained right oblique, something that essentially takes the wind out of whatever kind of playoff sails some still have had hoisted.  He was sidelined at the beginning of the season for his left oblique.  A reoccurrence on the opposite side is something which is worrisome, to me at least, for Wandy's long term health prospects.

Even with Wandy's premature exit, Sampson nailed down his inning and third despite getting into a jam in the 7th by allowing two hits.  Hawkins continued his improbable perfect stretch since joining the NL, and Valverde converted the save.  Oh yeah, Wiggy hit another home run in August -- it's just getting passe at the point.