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Glad to be here

To the Crawfish Boxes/SBN Community:

My name is Evan Hochschild, and starting today, I will be a new contributor to The Crawfish Boxes. Fogive the general cheesy-ness of what I am about to write, because usually that's not what ya'll will get out of me. I just wanted to post a quick "hello" and introduce myself. I'm 23, a 2007 graduate of Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX. I ran cross country and track for four (mediocre) years, but truth be told, I cared just as much about fantasy sports.  This August, I will begin my second year of law school at St. Mary's University School of Law in San Antonio. Enough with that though- most importantly, I am an Astros fan of the nth degree. I'm excited to be on board here, and hope ya'll find my writing to be full of good information, but also entertaining to read. From what I've seen, Thomas does a helluva job here. I (and my good friend Stephen Higdon who is also coming on as a contributor) am perhaps a bit more "stats oriented" in my writing, but not overly so. My first few posts will be a continuation of a series of articles written for Stephen's and my old blog, basically going over some of the traditional stats (BA, ERA, Wins) and some stats used by the sabermetric community (OPS and) DIPS (Defensive Indpendent Pitching Statistics.) I'll also be jumping in head first as far as writing game threads, participating in live game chats, and writing about managerial/team strategies. Again- I'm excited to be on board, and I hope this is the beginning of a great thing.