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Helping a worthy cause

Attention Astros fans:

Tom Tango, esteemed author, researcher, and general contributor to baseball analysis, needs our help. Every year, Mr. Tango puts out a survey asking fans to evaluate the ability of their team's defense, player by player. Basically, it's where you rate our boys' defensive abilities in areas such as: speed, acceleration, range, arm strength, defensive mechanics, etc. It doesn't take long, and it's a situation where Mr. Tango can use the information he gathers form us, and put it to the worthy cause of further analysis of an important part of our sport. It is especially important that we help. We're all such big fans and followers of the Astros, and I believe as a whole, The Crawfish Boxes community is the largest collection of intelligent Astros fans on the internet. So please, take a few minutes to help Mr. Tango out. A lot of the articles that Stephen and I write have been influenced by him, so he has helped contribute significantly to the blog which you all frequent. Thanks, and remember: Lance is more nimble than he appears.