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Cecil Cooper Just Loves to Predict Things

Sorry, I've been absent for a few days. In exchange for listening to a timeshare pitch, I spent three days in Vegas winning and losing several small fortunes for FREE (don't worry, I left up $40). The best part about gambling was, aside from the rush, there were several televisions with just about every sporting event you could want placed at all angles. This included not only Michael Phelps being amazing, but some awful Astros baseball as well. Perhaps even harder to watch than our shellackings, was the mens 20km race walk (I can't believe that is a sport).

What I witnessed in between hands of black jack was the Astros getting cut to pieces by stellar pitching and our pitching getting shelled. However, Coop must not have been paying attention to the same games, because he has boldly predicted that we will sweep the Brewers in Milwaukee. Cooper justifies his decision because we took 2 of 3 at Miller Park earlier in the year against, Suppan, Bush, and Parra. Now I have Parra on my fantasy team, but none of those three are CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets -- both of whom we must face this series. It's Wolf vs. Sabathia, Mohler vs. Sheets, and Road-Wandy vs. Parra.

If Cooper were correct, which I won't hold my breath on, or even bet on it (given my recent mindset), we'd suddenly only be 4.5 games behind the Brewers, but that scenario would likely take the Brewers out of the top slot in the Wild Card race. I'm too tired and fried to think of the scenarios, but it would be the Cards or the Phillies leading the race.

As Monday continues to rear it's ugly head, sans Monday Night Football, my question to you is: